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  • The Modular Approach to Executive Development

    To stay ahead in the fast growing Asian economies, most businesses compete for a limited talent pool of potential leaders.


    The Accadence EDP equips your front line managers with the awareness, concepts & key skills to lead in a fast-moving, growth business.


    Accadence recommends a modular program, where you select only the modules that you need when you need them to enable your managers to be successful. All the modules are half a day long, so you have flexibility to define the duration and the content of your program.


    Modular means: You can access world class executive development in a format that suits you.


    From a half day module to plug into your team meeting to a structured, year-long development program. You choose.


    It is a practical program combining facilitated-learning, action-learning, coaching and learning on the job, which suits whole management teams or selected Talents from a single organization.


    The participants will grow from Managers to Leaders through what they learn, but also due to the intense team-working, experiences and experimentation together, it can be designed as a landmark transitional experience on their journey to leadership, which accelerates the career and heightens commitment and engagement when back at work.


  • Design your own Executive Development Program

    1 Define the Business Case for your Executive Development Program

    What is the purpose of your Executive Development Program?

    What is the capability gap? What’s missing today?

    What changes do you want to see in your business?

    What new behaviors do you want to see?

    Are your Managers ready to take the next step?

    Ask Accadence to help you assess your needs

    2 Select the Modules that meet your needs

    What are your learning objectives?

    What Skills, Behaviors, or Awareness are needed to close the gap?

    What can’t your Managers learn on the job or through existing learning channels?

    Choose from

    -On Site half-day modules of relevant content or activities to meet your learning objectives.

    -Value-added virtual elements

    Ask Accadence to help you plan your program

    3 Design the Program format

    What's the best way for your executives to learn?

    How do your managers learn best?

    On Site or Off Site?

    Is there a team or special group who can benefit from learning together?

    Modules run together in blocks or separately?

    Choose anything from 1 stand-alone module to create a mini-MBA to run for a year

    Choose from many half-day modules of relevant content, relevant activities, or value-added virtual elements

    Ask Accadence to help you plan your program

    4 Prepare for the Program

    Get the details right

    Agree schedule & commercial terms with Accadence.

    Schedule the participants.

    Select & book the venue.

    Select & book resources & services.

    Schedule & brief other participants such as VIP speakers or external faculty


    5 Deliver and Follow up

    Make a big impact

    Participate in the program or sit in as an observer
    Accadence samples for feedback during the program and after the program.
    You can receive participant feedback in summary & at anonymised detail level.

    Use virtual, integration modules to further embed & apply the learnings from the On Site experience.


  • Program Formats

    Some examples of how our clients combine modules to make their own distinct executive development programs.

    Mini MBA

    Two block program with a 101 Program Kick-Off Meeting, a 104 One-to-One 360 Debrief & a 901 Closure Meeting

    Year-long Executive Development Program

    Three block program with a 101 Program Kick-Off Meeting, a 104 One-to-One 360 Debrief, 103 One-to-One Coaching & a 901 Closure Meeting

    Executive Development Program

    Single on-site block program of four days with two 902 Learning Integration calls & a 901 Closure Meeting

    Executive Development Program

    Single on-site block program of four days with a 101 Program Kick-Off Meeting

    2-day leadership skills workshop

    Single on-site block program of two days

    Stand-alone modules

    Use stand-alone learning modules to compliment your management team meetings or leadership off-sites. In this example, 2 modules on successive afternoons, enrich an offiste meeting.

  • Andrew Jones is an Executive Coach and Career Counselor practicing in Singapore.


    "I have helped hundreds of professionals to get the roles they want, succeed at work and lead their teams or organisations. I have learnt that the most effective executive development comes from working interactively in small groups on real issues. Accadence Workshops address the key challenges you face at work today.


    We learn best together. So we focus on learning in action, where the participants put their learning into practice in the room and help each other to polish their game. My role is to facilitate the learning, teach some best practice and offer objective insights. We learn from each other's experiences, challenges and 'Aha' moments.


    We learn best hands-on. So we work on the authentic challenges, problems and questions brought by the participants. The workshop focuses on learning through the participants' live issues. We learn from each other's real world experience, and we all coach each other.


    Some Workshops are packaged with Psychometric Assessments or one-to-one Coaching where helpful to integrate the learning experience. All Workshop participants receive homework to complete before the workshop to get the most out of the experience."

    Accadence Philosophy

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