• Action Learning Modules

    Choose from a wide range of activities to enhance the learning experience or achieve specific team objectives. All modules last half a day. While they can be delivered in any combination with other executive development modules, we can advise you on tuning the order to meet your learning objectives.


    The modules are pitched at professionals with some experience of line management or project management. Please talk to us, if you want us to pitch them at less experienced High-Potentials or more experienced leaders.


    The group may be an existing team, they may be starting to work together or come from separate teams across your organisation. We can advise you on tuning the content to meet your learning objectives.

    201 Program Opener

    Welcome and getting to know each other

    Breaking the ice: Participants meet each other through structured, facilitated activities in the room and semi-structured networking over the break.

    Suits new teams, colleagues who have not worked together before, virtual teams or where fundamental team building is necessary.

    Good lead up to a welcome lunch or dinner event.

    202 Speaker Facilitation

    We facilitate your team VIP speakers meet & talk to the class in a structured way to support the learning process

    Depending on the program’s learning objectives, Accadence can design a half day to include:

    -Formal business or domain presentation

    -Hot seat, Q&A, or fireside chat style

    -Networking practice before the VIP arrives

    -Presentations to the VIP

    -Potentially leads to a leadership team mixer or graduation dinner

    203 Group Coaching

    A group discussion facilitated by the faculty to draw out issues that are not normally discussed.

    A classic coaching approach where the group works in a circular format with a Coach. The Coach structures the exploration of themes brought up by the team, and facilitates the team to notice the interpersonal dynamics in the room, as they happen.


    501 MBTI Introduction

    Learning about Personality & Behavior for the individual & working with others

    Key concepts:

    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

    Personality Preferences, Behavior, Reputation, Self-Awareness, Identity & Environment

    Learn a new language for describing and responding to behavioral & personal interactions at work.

    Explore the MBTI dimensions through live exercises & explore team type if appropriate.

    Working with preferences of others.

    Download a sample report

    502 Strengths Introduction

    Learning about Strengths and Personal Development - for the individual & working with others

    Key Concepts:

    Clifton StrengthsFinder®

    Talent, Strengths & Weakness, Behavior, Reputation, Self-Awareness, Identity & Environment

    Learn a new language for describing and responding to behavioral & personal interactions at work.

    Explore Strengths & working with the Strengths of others.


    503 Your Team Charter

    We facilitate your Team to address why & how they will work together

    A structured learning process by which the team will write their Team Charter. A statement of their Purpose, shared Principles, standards of performance & behavior and their commitment to each other.


    Participants create their charter as a team and their own commitment event to commemorate their shared milestone.

    504 Your Team Strategy

    We facilitate your Team to develop its Strategy or align to a greater business Strategy

    Through a highly interactive half-day the Team:

    -Evaluates the team’s current status

    -Envisions the team’s target state

    -Makes a gap analysis and equivalent action plan aligned to member responsibilities.


    505 Making an Action Plan

    We facilitate your team to make a plan

    Through a highly interactive half-day with an objective facilitator the Team:

    -Develops a shared understanding of their objective

    -What are the terms of satisfaction?

    -What assumptions have they not questioned?

    -How will they measure success?

    -Who has to do what to make it happen?

    -What are the risks?

    506 The Mindful Manager

    Mindfulness exercises that Managers use to develop focus, resilience and presence

    An experienced Mindfulness practitioner guides the participants through a set of experiences to develop their self-awareness and exercises they can use back in the office to enhance their Self-Management.

    801 Program Closure

    Concluding a program or On-Site block with a learning recap, action plan and recognition of the learning experience

    Review of Personal Learning Logs

    Personal Action review pairs to Coach each other for action back in the office

    Briefing on projects or assignments

    Interactive, rapid team teach-back

    Optional planning for follow up coaching or integration calls

    Group photo - Graduation - Goodbyes

    This module can be truncated to allow for early departures.