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    Coaching Skills for Leaders

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    Coaching Skills for Leaders

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  • Accadence Philosophy

    Andrew Jones is an Executive Coach and Career Counselor practicing in Singapore.


    "I have helped hundreds of professionals to get the roles they want, succeed at work and lead their teams or organisations. I have learnt that the most effective executive development comes from working interactively in small groups on real issues. Accadence Workshops address the key challenges you face at work today.


    We learn best together. So we focus on learning in action, where the participants put their learning into practice in the room and help each other to polish their game. My role is to facilitate the learning, teach some best practice and offer objective insights. We learn from each other's experiences, challenges and 'Aha' moments.


    We learn best hands-on. So we work on the authentic challenges, problems and questions brought by the participants. The workshop focuses on learning through the participants' live issues. We learn from each other's real world experience, and we all coach each other.


    Some Workshops are packaged with Psychometric Assessments or one-to-one Coaching where helpful to integrate the learning experience. All Workshop participants receive homework to complete before the workshop to get the most out of the experience."


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