• Learning through Simulation

    A Simulation is a set of conditions that may seem more or less familiar to participants as they come to understand and work in their roles under the prevailing conditions and coexist in a system with others.


    While participants may describe a Simulation as a 'game', 'team-building activity' or a 'role-play' it is none of those. At all times we ask participants to be themselves and not to 'act out' behaviours that are untrue to them in the moment. Simulations may last from half an hour to more than two days, depending on the learning objectives.


    Some Simulations are designed to address specific learning objectives, others are designed for the participants to have insights about themselves and group dynamics as they do their work in the Simulation. It can be a safe environment for an intact team to see itself for what it is.

    The Organisation Workshop

    Andrew Jones is a certified facilitator for The Organisation Workshop by Power+Systems

    "Throughout the Organization Workshop participants are taught vital new perspectives about organizational life. But the real value is putting that learning into action. They walk away energized, motivated and better able to successfully lead their organization."

    When Cultures Meet

    Andrew Jones is a certified facilitator for When Cultures Meet by Power+Systems

    The goal is "To provide the emotional underpinning and knowledge base for developing a high energy, integrated culture that capitalizes on the unique capabilities and contributions of its diverse partners."

    St George's Triangle

    A 2.5 day Simulation where participants learn about group dynamics through a team-based decision-making process in a pressurized environment.