• Strategic HR Management

    A customizable modular program targeted at HR professionals. The modules can be combined to suit your HR development objectives. The program works best when the HR participants have the mandate to start their own initiatives and use the modules of the program to support them from origination, through strategic thinking, implementation design, measurement, building buy-in and managing implementation.

    Program kick-off & Introduction to Strategic HR

    • Introductions
    • Program agenda & expectations
    • Where are we starting from?
    • Self-Awareness
    • The History of HR
    • What is Strategic HR?

    Environmental Awareness

    Half day

    HR practice should not exit in a vacuum. This module introduces the key concepts for developing environmental awareness. It's not enough to be well educated in HR policies and processes. Strategic HR exists within a business context of competitors, locations, suppliers and customers. Strategic HR practitioners are aware of the firm's operating environment besides what is going on internally. They keep abreast of developments in the labour market, track key talents in their industry and continously benchmark their own practice against HR peers in the market.

    • PESTEL
    • VUCA
    • Stakeholder analysis & mapping
    • SWOT


    Strategic Concepts

    An entry level introduction to basic business strategy concepts from forming a Vision to tracking implementation on a balanced-scorecard. The first half is an experiential learning introduction to the concepts. Then then the participants bring their own objectives and are facilitated through forming:

    • Vision & Mission
    • Strategic Options & Objectives
    • Strategic Drivers, Measures, Benchmarks & Targets
    • Balanced Scorecard



    Strategic HR Practice

    Exploration of current, leading concepts and application exercises in six domains:

    • Leadership
    • Culture
    • Competence
    • Consequence
    • Adaptability
    • Governance


    The Participants also learn:

    How to assess their client group in each of these aspects for readiness and prioritise development.

    A dashboard tool they can use with their client group to combine their findings with key business measures.

    HR Analytics Sandbox

    Introduction to HR data

    Analytical Concepts

    Monitoring and risk management for implementation & operation of change, policies and processes.

    Participants have access to data sets from their organization and apply the concepts learnt to work on their own objectives: analysing, forming hypotheses and framing recommendations. Ends with team presentations.

    Consulting Skills

    Building the Business Partner relationship

    Asking, Listening & Asserting

    Agreeing, Disagreeing & Conflict

    Bringing the whole function to the business

    Change Leadership

    Influencing Skills

    Communicating & Managing Change

    Coaching Clients for change

    Competencies for Strategic HR Professionals

    Exploration of Dave Ulrich's 9 HR Competencies.

    Personal development planning by the participants for themselves.

    Planning next steps as a group and for themselves.