• Virtual Learning Modules

    Add value to the learning experience before and between the workshops with group calls or 1:1 Coaching facilitated by the program faculty.


    Learning does not end when you leave the classroom. Follow the workshops with virtual integration meetings to monitor how the class has transferred its learning back at work.


    The following modules last for one to two hours and are normally conducted over the Zoom meeting platform.

    101 Program Kick-Off Meeting

    Launch your program

    Welcome to the program & recognition for selection.

    Introductions & outline of the program.

    How to prepare for the upcoming learning experience. What will it be like?

    How to prepare for specific modules or assessments.

    What should you bring with you?

    Other logistics.

    102 Mid-Program Meeting

    Sustain the learning process

    During the on-site block, the client or the participants can set the purpose and design of the mid-program meeting(s). Accadence can advise on content.


    Recap learnings from workshop. Updates on the experiences of applying the learnings from the workshops in real life. Are the participants using what they have learnt?

    Personalise & accelerate learning through Coaching

    Coaching is one or a series of one-to-one conversations between a participant and a faculty member.


    Coaching topics can be strictly aligned to the program to help individual participants address priorities specified by the client. Or the Coaching can support the individual participant’s priorities for applying the learnings or other work related issues as they arise.


    See more details & Coaching options here


    104 One-to-One 360 Debrief

    Turn 360 Feedback into an Action Plan

    Specific Coaching activity for the participant to understand their 360 assessment report and put it into context. Evaluate confirming and developmental messages from the feedback


    Helps the participant to formulate an action plan and prioritise specific actions.

    Accadence works with a range of assessments and is certified to facilitate the CCL Benchmarks suite of 360 assessments.

    105 Development Project

    Embed and deepen the learning process & team work through mid-program projects.

    Accadence can advise on the design of appropriate projects to further the learning process. Projects can be kicked-off during the 101 Program Kick-off call or the on-site block.


    In this meeting, the participants update on their project status & learning experiences.

    901 Closure Meeting

    Conclude your program

    Bring a formal closure to your program.
    Participants can reflect on the learning process and report on how they applied the content.
    Conclude learning projects

    Launch Alumni cohort

    902 Learning Integration

    Keep the learnings alive with periodic virtual meetings to reconnect the class to what they learnt

    During the on-site block the client or the participants can set the purpose and design learning integration meetings, to recap specific topics from the workshops and/or review experience of application.


    The meetings keep the learning alive and present for the participants.